• How have you managed to enjoy your time in the past when you had to stay at home?

By watching TV and shows

  • Do you think stress has been visiting your parents? What are the signs that Stress might be visiting them?

By seeing frown on their faces,
They look different- Mom may not show but I can tell that she is trying not to lose temper, and dad is also trying to not lose his temper. But shows on his face that there he is stressed

  • What skills you might be using to know that they are “trying”?

I can always tell with people I know, if they are experiencing anger, sadness or other emotions

  • What name would you like to give this skill of yours? What would you call it?

“My 6th sense, I guess”

  • What is the best way to keep yourself away from that Stress to stick to you?

✓ By trying not to think negatively✓ Chanting “Rain Rain go away” ✓ Doing what I like

  • What do you suggest your parents should know or could do to make staying at home together a happier experience?

✓ Making a routine like they have made for me ✓ Let me be on electronics when I want to be; and if it is more than 45 minutes or 1 hour then they can tell me and I will stop. ✓ Once a day or on alternate days maybe have Family time: Playing games Watching a movie or show “But we get competitive while playing games”

  • Would you like to suggest some rules/ideas for making playing games a fun experience?

Don’t be a sore loser, don’t be angry if you miss a turn, and have fun!

  • What are your hopes/ wishes about your days in the house?

Have good time reading books That this time will get over

  • What skills you can use to make staying at home more fruitful for your parents?

Irritation comes anytime and brings nagging, so by trying not to let irritation take over.
Will do this by using own skills of calming self – that is breathing and reading

  • What are the skills you use to make relationship with your parents better while staying at home?

Helping around the house with some chores

  • What do you suggest your parents should know or do if they experience any difficulty while staying at home?

Mum likes being on her own to calm herself, when irritation comes.

  • What are the books that you used to read together that bring in happy memories? Do you think you would like to read them again?

Books by Dr Seuss and Julia Donaldson Been a long time since read these books, so maybe yes could read Dr Seuss books again

  • Do you think your parents can benefit from the experience of staying at home?

Yes, for dad it is the first time working from home. This may be beneficial as he can think of doing this in future and so I can spend more time with him.

  • Do you think doing this exercise and answering these questions was helpful?

“Yes, weirdly helpful!”

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