Narrative Collective India

Narrative Practice is a respectful and non-blaming way of working with people. ​
We believe that people are the experts in their own lives and have the skills and abilities to move forward towards their preferred futures.

The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem and the problem is mostly social
We do not locate the problem in the person, and prefer to look at the larger socio-cultural context which places normative judgement on many children and young people. This can render them to be seen as damaged or deficient just because they do not fit into society’s prescriptive ways of living or behaving.

People are multistoried
We use the narrative metaphor to see how people make sense of their world through stories, which can on one hand provide a framework for their experiences but can also start defining their identity. Our role as therapists is to collaborate with the person to reduce the influence of the problem in their lives, and to reclaim richer identities which align with what they value, their dreams and their commitments.

People are people through other people
Our stories and identities are built through our relationships with people. Mental health is in that sense not an individual problem, but a shared responsibility. Therefore, we are creating this collective so that we can all come together to build a community of concern for our children and young people.

Everybody can be part of this collective by participating in the Trainings, contributing to Just Girls, Collective Wisdom or Neurodiversity. We are honoured to collaborate with Dulwich Centre Foundation, the home of Narrative Practice in Adelaide, Australia. To know more click on the link.

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