Since its inception, Children First has been keen to provide training opportunities to students and aspiring professionals in the field of child & adolescent mental health. Over the years, our collaboration with universities, colleges, and other training organizations has culminated in a formalized training & internship program

Supervised observation of the following services (with consent from the family/client):

Mental Health Services

We have a clinical team comprising of child & adolescent pychiatrists, clinical and counseling psychologists and family therapists

Group Work

Groups allow children to learn and develop skills by working alongside their peers in a safe and therapist facilitated environment.

Training in Assessments

Our philosphy is that each child is wired and inspired differently. Therefore our assessments are comprehensive and aimed at building strengths and difficulties profile for each child, along with a detailed plan of management, rather than focusing simply on IQ scores or diagonistic labels.

Developmental Services

Children First provides screening, diagnosis and intervention for children with developmental delays or disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Devlopmental Delays, Dyspraxia, ADHAD etc.

Participation in team meetings, family therapy supervision group, ‘Profiling Minds’ assessment supervision groups.

Completion and presentation of one case or topic of interest at the end of the internship

Participation in ongoing research & documentation of client database
Weekly supervision to consolidate learning

Interns will be eligible for additional discounts for any workshops/ courses being conducted at Children First.

*  We expect a minimum commitment of six days a week for a minimum of one month. A certificate of internship is awarded at the end of the program.
* Please note that due to reasons of client confidentiality, we do not allow interns to sit in on live counseling/therapy sessions.
*  Near 100% attendance is required from all interns
* All individuals will be required to sign a consent form, outlining knowledge of Children First’s policies, prior to them joining the internship.

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