The Developmental Centre at Children First emerged from a deeply felt need to provide a culturally and contextually viable service model for children and families who presented to our service, with subtle or recognizable differences in their developmental trajectory. Over the years, it has grown to become a multidisciplinary service, with the deep conviction that relevant professionals need to come together and work with an integrated approach with this subset of children.

It now provides screening, diagnosis, intervention plans, direct intervention and monitoring of progress, alongside family education and support, for children with signs of developmental differences, delays or a diagnosis of any of the known developmental disorders. These could be Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Global Developmental Delays, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Down Syndrome and other childhood concerns.

These differences and delays may be the actual underlying cause of what looks like:

  • Not connecting with parents despite parental attempt
  • Delays in speaking
  • Not responding to name
  • Inability or disinterest in playing games involving other children
  • Differences in quality of play and interaction with peers,
  • Sensory needs and difficulties
  • repetitive actions or behaviors that seem purposeless
  • Decreased range of facial expressions while speaking
  • Clumsiness in doing age-appropriate tasks or games

The Centre comprises of Developmental Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Psychiatrists who work in collaboration with each other to create an intervention plan based on your child’s need.

The intervention model at the Developmental Centre comprises of  –

Individual Therapy

Working with the child on acquisition and consolidation of pre-linguistic and language, social, sensory, emotional, cognitive, adaptive responses, motor and play skills. This is carried out during Social Communication Therapy sessions or Occupational therapy sessions.

Environment modification

Providing , in the physical structure, a safe and child friendly environment, along with a socially empathetic environment with a team of therapists who are able to create opportunities for learning within the physical space as well as in play-based activities involving the child and /or family.

Parent and family centered work

Understanding the parenting styles and parent-child interactions, providing psycho-education regarding developmental disorders, and working towards empowering and involving parents/care-givers in understanding how to help. Supporting their own needs in the child-parent interaction, and helping them attune to their own expectations and to their child.  

Group Work

Working on developmentally appropriate skills in social and communication domains within a group setting.

Psychiatric consultation

Consultation for any medical or family oriented work is provided as per individual requirement .Working on Biocycles of sleep, feeding and energy levels as well as any medications that can help is also done.

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