Building a community of concern for our children...

Children First was set up by Dr Amit Sen, Dr Shelja Sen and Dr Kavita Arora. Over the years they were joined by some of the most committed, empathetic and skilled professionals to build a multidisciplinary team, which continues to grow.

The main objective initially was to move away from a hospital setting and establish a children’s centre in the community, which provided effective, ethical and culturally grown services. However, as the journey has progressed, we have learnt that our vision and intent is so much more than creating “a” centre.


Amit Sen

Director, Senior Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Children First was waiting to happen. The gaping needs of children in today’s times was demanding it. We were catalysts in starting a movement which has, since then, been nurtured and sculpted by our ever growing team of the most talented, dedicated and sensitive people. They make Children First dynamic, creative and responsive to the complex and changing needs of young people and their families.

Shelja Sen

Child & Adolescent Psychologist & Family Therapist and Author.

At the heart of CF’s philosophy is a core belief that we need to build emotionally safe spaces as a prerequisite for a child to grow, thrive and flourish. Therefore, Children First is not just an organization, a center or a service, it is a catalyst for change in bringing together a tribe of people from mental health, disability, community, education, advocacy to start a movement for our children and youth.

Kavita Arora

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Nature and Life work in cycles of need and then creation, and creation leading to awareness of possibility.In my mind, Children First is a vehicle for just such a cycle .It has arisen from a felt need within a few of us, and drew us to each other. It aligned us despite all odds, to the shared conviction of building an ecosystem that sees the hidden foundations of our very being- The mental health and wellbeing of our children.

 It has taken the shape and form of a force, which now draws others who have felt deeply this need too. It  nourishes and enriches each one of us that becomes a part of this force”


Our vision is to create communities of concern for our children. We have strived to do this now for over a decade through attempting to provide clinical services, school programmes, trainings, developmental interventions, working with parents, within the community and with other organisations, as well as increasing awareness.


Children First firmly embodies the belief that a small group of passionately connected and determined individuals can create a movement for the voice of our children to be heard.We continue to innovate, grow and find ways to increase the reach of this voice.
Come join us in this exciting and wondrous journey to ‘somewhere “!

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