The Mental Health team comprises of psychiatrists, family therapists, clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists, arts based therapists, and consulting professionals. Various professionals in the team are involved in the process of  intakes,  psycho-diagnostic assessments, individual therapy and group work.

All in house referrals start with an Intake.


The purpose of Intake

An intake meeting allows for a detailed history and mental health assessment of the client. It allows the client to discuss their main concerns. It also helps the clinician to develop a holistic understanding of the nature of the problems presented. The Intake process involves a detailed interview with in-service psychologists and/or psychiatrists who help the client to arrive at an appropriate, problem specific plan for intervention.

The plan could involve in-house services such as prescriptions of medication, further detailed assessments ,referral for therapy,home-based recommendations or referrals to other practitioner

The first appointment can be setup by contacting our center through phone or email

You will be meeting a psychologist from the mental health team.
Alternately, you may also have a session with one of our senior consultants(Psychiatrist/Child Psychologist and Family Therapist)
It will be between 1 hour to 1 and a half hours

You could be meeting the psychologist together with your child, or they could be meeting you and/or your child independently. This would depend on the age and profile of your child

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