At Children First, we believe in coming together in building safe ecosystems, by reaching out into the community.
Our efforts have been supported by:

Manju Bharat Ram Rainbow Project

Manju Bharat Ram was a visionary, educationalist, philanthropist and founder of The Shri Ram Schools and recipient of Padma Shree Award(2013) for her humanitarian work.Children First is honoured to carry forward this programme in her name, and spirit.

The Rainbow Project aims at extending quality mental heath care to children from economically weaker sections of the society and children and families with minimal resources, or vulnerable populations.

we are able to provide the following services:

Assessment of children’s emotional and psychological well being by our experienced and qualified team of child & adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, developmental therapists, occupational therapists

Neurodevelopmental/ Diagnostic/ Psycho-educational assessment for learning difficulties

Interventions such as Individual therapy, Family therapy, Occupational therapy, Developmental Therapy

Parenting sessions and workshops

Group work focusing on issues like sexuality, life skills, anger management, study skills, language enrichment, bullying, conflict management, social skills etc.

Sleepwell Ripples Teacher Training Program

Children First is pleased to join hands with the Sleepwell Foundation to help empower teachers to become a source of emotional support and nurturance for children. This programme focuses on the emotional well-being of children by working with teachers and parents through a series of workshops. Under this project we have been able to provide the following services:

  1. Teacher training module: comprising 5 sessions focused on building skills of connecting with children and building a community, coaching children based on their unique neurodevelopmental and sensory profile and focusing on their own self-care
  2. Workshops with children in primary school to help understand sexuality and safety
  3. Workshops in the community with parents to build awareness about child development, emotional well-being and how to facilitate these processes through parenting practices

Salaam Balak Trust

Intervention for children, both emotional and developmental; Support for the caregivers and therapists who work there; active work with their Child Development Unit and assessments.

Tara Homes

Individual therapy work; Support work for the caregivers; group work focusing on issues such as sexuality and executive skills and assessments.

Teach For India

 Psychoeducational assessments to help address the difficulties faced by children in the classroom

Peepul India

Assessments geared towards understanding the developmental difficulties in children and creating individualized plans that can be implemented in school

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