In our society, a typical response to dismiss girls is “just girls.” As if they do not matter, and their voices can be silenced or dismissed. Our initiative, Just Girls is about making an inclusive space for these voices to be heard so that we can build a diverse collective which goes beyond gender, income, race, language, sexuality, age, caste, religion. Please contact us at justgirls@childrenfirstindia.com if you would like to contribute.

Tips for Surviving Abuse

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"Tips for Surviving Abuse", by G, age 12.[...]

Narrative Therapy Charter of Parenting Rights for Mothers

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ARTICLE 1: Every mother has the right to live her own life and not let the hardships push her into believing that her life does not matter. ARTICLE 2: Every mother has the right to define her experience[...]

Narrative Therapy Charter of Just Girls Rights

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ARTICLE 1: Every girl has the right to live their own life and not let the hardships push them into believing that their life does not matter. ARTICLE 2: Every girl has the right to define their experie[...]

Keep Running

Keep Running by P, age 13 At times I think maybe I should quit everything, This loneliness, this weird feeling.   I don’t know what I am doing, I just wanna keep running.   Run from th[...]


My Dearest Tsunami, Firstly, I love you, from the bottom of my heart. How can I not? You have been my steadfast cheerleader, supporter and companion since – well, probably since you felt I needed you.[...]

Kind Eyes

Maybe if I saw myself through more kind eyesEverything they said would turn into lies Am I not an ordinary human beingwith your dirty eyes, who are you seeing? Why do you judge me on my g[...]

Break Up Letter To Inadequacy

Dear Inadequacy, You and I go back a long way. I first met you when my grandparents pampered my brother a little extra, when my Dad openly said my brother was more intelligent. You came to live with me [...]

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