I had a most amazing experience today, which I would love to share with all of you. We were invited by JNU USRN (University School Resource Network) to do a two day workshop with teachers from south Delhi MCD schools.

As I entered the lush green JNU campus, I cannot deny that I was a bit skeptical of the whole purpose of the workshop. Building awareness of how children are wired differently, multiple intelligences, neuro-developmental profile, learning styles, focusing on their assets and affinities. A tall order and that too in Hindi! But I was ready to bite the bullet. Albeit reluctantly.

So armed with my powerpoint presentation and prejudices I started the workshop. It took me just about 15 minutes to realize that I was surrounded by something extraordinary. Something refreshing and magical! A group of teachers who were willing to make a difference!

Over the years maybe I have got a little jaded by the attitudinal barriers I face in some of the most privileged schools. But it was different here. They were willing to learn, to question the given, the statusquo. And with what passion!

And to think of the challenges and reality they have to face daily. No classroom furniture, no fans, torn notebooks, no stationary, illiterate parents, violence, severe poverty, abuse. But that was not fazing them. No way. They questioned, they reflected, they challenged, they shared, they wondered. And how!

So a Big Salute to all the teachers out there in the trenches! I read somewhere, “To be a teacher you must be a prophet because you are trying to prepare children for a world thirty to fifty years into the future”.

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