Specialised Sessions

As a multidisciplinary team we are able offer varied expertise to empower all stakeholders within the school community.

We have worked with:


Parent communities


School mental health team


We offer specialised workshops based on the needs analysis of a school’s context and community. Some of the specialised standalone workshops that we have developed are as follows:

Sparkling Minds

Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Classroom Management

Teachers Matter

Self-awareness and stress management workshop for teachers

Parenting Matters

Customized range of Parenting workshops for parents from nursery to XII

No Silence Please

Sex education in schools to build healthier awareness and build skills for protection against abuse

Building Partnerships

Training teachers to build more effective and dynamic partnerships with parents to build a nurturing community for children

Speak Aloud

Creating an Anti-Bullying policy in schools to provide children an emotionally safe zone to thrive and not just survive!

Dodging the Fury

Building emotional literacy in children and adolescents to help them become aware of their anger and learning effective skills to bypass their gremlins creatively

Smart Choices

Working with children and adolescents to make better choices and to avoid the temptations of substance use

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