Children First has come up with a 3-part Instagram live series ‘Is Early Childhood Changing in the Pandemic?’ and we are here with our second live session!
Watch Ms. Soumini Menon and Ms. Lavina Nanda as they discuss ‘Redefining the Parent’s (caregivers) Role in the Early Years’ and how the changes in child development impact the need for change in parenting styles in the early years. They will be taking up important concepts such as:

  • Red Flags for Parents: what are some of the things we need to look out for in ourselves that tell us that we are burnt out?
  • Top 3 things to prioritize: children’s development in the current context.
  • Playfulness Quotient in caregivers and it’s importance.
    And many more!

To watch the complete video, please click here:

Find suggested resources for Parents:

Self Care for Parents

Structure and Routine during a Pandemic

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