This Online Intervention Program will focus on engaging the child through an online medium in individual goals. This program requires an active online involvement of the child as well as a parent to become a co-facilitator in the process. 

The program offers two days of OT and SCL sessions each respectively and each of the therapists decide on one important goal and session structure for the week. 


Two identified therapists will be allocated to each child/family. (Based on previous knowledge or familiarity)

Duration: 1 Week- 5 days

Goal identification: Individual goals identified by each OT and SCL therapist.

Duration of session: 40minutes each every morning

Number of days in a week: 

      • Monday-Friday
      • Two consecutive days of OT and SCL 
      • Friday: Integrated (SCL+OT) Parenting + Feedback


Number of participants: Single-family



Day 1, 2, 3 and 4 Goal identification and activity execution by either of the therapist for two consecutive days and then the process repeats with the other identified therapist.

Before Each of the session the therapist will reach out for:

  • Pre-prep: Check-in with the parents will be done regarding
  • The materials required at home (A checklist will be sent). 
  • The arrangement of space at home. 
  • Explaining the structure/format of the session before the session.
  • Documentation/Home work-sharing process
  • Other instructions if required. 
  • Planning and Execution: The therapist will outline the goal for the week, the activities to engage in, and will have an identified parent co-facilitator to help with the execution of the activity.
  • During the session:
  • Therapist defines specific goals for the parents as co facilitators:  This could include changes in instruction giving, adjustment of space or any other method which will support the learning of the child.
  • The therapist will define the structure of the session as per the need arising/goal identified and plan activities accordingly.
  • as parent /carer is watching the session they have access to the activities done.
  • Towards the end a short 5minute debrief about the session.


Day 5 – This module would end on day 5 with a 45 minute session with the parents (without the child) with both above therapists .


  • Parents and therapists will review the goal for the child, and check in about the learning process in the past week. More resources or ideas will be provided if required (to work on the goal). 
  • Answer any questions based on the activities done during the week.
  • Audio- visual resources used for conceptual understanding and strategies
  • Feedback: Parents can share what worked for them and what did not work. 
  • Addressing the takeaways for both parents and therapists from the sessions, including any challenges that parents were facing, as well as reflecting on the strengths. 
  • Some discussion on whether they wish to continue the programme next week And follow up discussion on the next goal- or consolidation of the same goal for next week.


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