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Dr Amit Sen, Director and Co-Founder of Children First, Mental Health Institute, Pvt Ltd. spoke about exam stress among students and how to cope with it, as a part of #ParikshaParv, a campaign organised by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

Clinical Psychologist Priyanka Mittall talks about how to manage exam stress from the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights center, as a part of #ParikshaParv 2019

The talk highlights our society\'s damaging practices that leave millions of children struggling with shame, rejection and invisibility. It proposes a simple idea for parents, teachers and anybody who works with children which can help our children live with dignity, worthiness and hope. So that together we can build a world where no child is left invisible.

Shelja Sen offers a new take on family communication, asking us to consider the effects our words have on our children -- and showing a new model for helping kids solve their own problems.

Dr Angela Morgan, clinical psychologist from Australia writes about different feelings and emotions we go through when we first start going for therapy, and how to maximise our benefit in sessions.

Watch this video to learn about possible signs of sensory integration issues. This video shows an expert panel of health professionals, Susanne Smith Roley, Clare Giuffrida, Stefanie Bodison, and Shay McAtee discussing how sensory integration or sensory processing affects children and the real-life stories of parents of children with sensory issues.

This article is a collection of 80 great activities and games that you can play on a trampoline. You will find a variety of games for different ages and any number of players.

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