Joint attention in deafblind children: a multisensory path towards a shared sense of the world

Sensory Integration and Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Joint Attention and Social Referencing

‘Like me’: a foundation for social cognition

The ‘like me’ framework for recognizing and becoming an intentional agent

Empathy, Imitation, and the Social Brain

The presentation from the first module of the Children First Biorhythms Series, presented by Dr. Kavita Arora Children First, Safdarjung Enclave is organising a series of workshops on Children's Biorhythms for parents and professionals. Learn more about Sleeping, Feeding and Toiletting concerns and how to intervene with them!

Dr Sen writes about increasing prevalence of screen addiction and alarming findings in scientific research. He states the warning signs of digital dependence and steps to take towards awareness and control

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