The Parents’ Toolkit

Short hands-on workshop training modules for parents of children with ASD


This program will essentially aim to empower parents with therapeutic tools and strategies about a particular goal. For example: Parents often hear from us or from teachers that their child needs more work on “Fine motor skills” or they may identify that their child is “unable to channelise their energy”. This module aims to offer a better understanding and provide tips and tools for a parent who is motivated to learn more about need-based topics. This will enhance their tool kit by helping them access the therapists firsthand. We believe parents’ understanding of this knowledge as pertaining to their child, can contribute significantly to the child’s progress.

Some of the weekly training offered in this series are

  • Channelizing the child’s energies through sensory processing framework (Stay home edition ).
  • Foundation to social communication and contextual understanding of the family as a unit
  • Enhancing Fine Motor Skills as a foundation for future Handwriting
  • Toileting skills
  • Obstacle Courses for Motor Planning and Coordination


Topic: Pre decided

Duration of session: 30 minutes each

Number of days in a week: 3 days

Number of participants: A group of 4 parents maximum where the goal is the same.


Day 1 – Online session with parents

Pre-prep, Explanation of the concept

Sharing activities and videos that could be opportunities at home

How to implement at home

Parents would be provided with a password protected folder in a common Google drive where resources would be available (parent to be advised that this resource is available during the week only)

Day 2 – Session Choice – Real-Time or Email Feedback

Parents will be asked to share videos of activities done at home

The videos can be uploaded in the password-protected Google drive folder previously shared

Parents can choose their channel of communication, meet through video call or check-in through email.

The therapist will be available online at the designated time for consultation.

Email communication wherein the therapist would respond will be at the designated time.

Review activity- Parents will be provided with a change or upskilled (next level of skills) or complexity of activities if required

Day 3 – Review online session

Review and feedback with parent

Feedback sharing: on their learnings and what the child is starting to do differently

How to generalise the learnt skill: within daily activities.

Provide reading resources.

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