Somedays I Am

Somedays I am a warrior, I could fight an army
Somedays I am a hermit, and cannot handle people
Somedays I am a quitter, and cannot put my feet on the ground
Somedays I am so driven, I could change the world

Somedays I am a mother with a broken heart
Somedays I am a daughter missing her father
Somedays I am a sister picking petty fights
Somedays I am woman madly in love

Somedays I am drowning in the kindness of strangers
Somedays my every nerve screams at the unfairness of it all
Somedays I want to curl up and hibernate till summer
Somedays I cannot wait to play in the snow

Somedays I am happy beyond measure
Somedays I know despair like no other
Somedays I soar and fly
Somedays I am….


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