An Integrated Program

Ripples is an integrated program that focuses on competency building in teachers. It is based on the 5C Model created by Dr. Shelja Sen in her book Imagine. The program consists of 5 workshops tailored to meet the needs of the school. A needs analysis is done prior to the workshops to understand the school culture and assess the emergent needs.


We believe that fostering a meaningful connect with each child is the cornerstone of the teaching-learning process. Our workshop aims to build on currently carried out effective practices and discussing ways of enriching this connect further.

Coach – part 1

Integrating an overview of neurodevelopmental functions, multiple intelligences and learning styles to understand diverse learners in the classroom.

Coach – part 2

Understand sensory regulation and identify signs in the classroom. Additionally, help children build their graphomotor skills.

Coach – part 3

Use of play, music and rhythms to develop creative teaching and classroom management strategies.

Care, Community and Commitment

We believe that self-care is essential to the overall well-being of teachers as professionals with multiple demands on their time and resources. Our final workshop aims to consolidate the gains from the program and to help build a closer sense of community within the school system and build commitment to carry the program forward.

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