Occupational Therapy Assessment is a detailed assessment of Sensory-Motor and Neuro-motor Development of a child with standardized tools.

The sessions include:

  • Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT): a set of 17 standardized tests that measure tactile, proprioceptive, vestibular and visual sensory perception as well as Motor Planning, Balance, Bilateral Coordination and Sequencing, Visual Perception and Visuo-Motor Integration.
  • Sensory Processing Measure (SPM): A standardized parental questionnaire that measures parent perception of sensory over or under responsivity to various sensory experiences with their child.
  • Assessment of Oral Sensitivity using Oral Placement Therapy Assessment tool.: A standardized tool that assess oral placement/feeding/speech problems based on muscle systems.
  • Sensory Processing Checklist questionnaire.
  • Observations during unstructured play.
  • Structured clinical observations of Sensory Integration.
  • Interview with parent.

A detailed report is formulated using results from SIPT, SPM, Sensory Processing Checklist questionnaire and clinical observations. The report also includes activities for home, strategies, school and life-skills recommendations. Recommendations may also include occupational therapy or structured monthly reviews with therapists.

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