-Revant Soni

Sometimes, to see the big picture, you must take a step back. The first step to your path to success story is to stop and accept. Read about your condition and try and understand your strengths and weaknesses. These are the traits that make you who you are. Nurture them and learn to love them.

People around you will be doing well and will appear to be in control of their lives. Learn to ignore them and focus only on yourself. You will need tough skin if you want to make it through this journey. Your voyage is very different from theirs – make sure you do not compare yourselves to them. I cannot stress on this point enough. It is extremely tempting to be a part of the crowd, in fact,
we are genetically wired to do so, but you must accept that in some ways you are different. This is where being thick-skinned is tremendously important. Introspect plenty, and try to figure out what makes you, you.

Personally, I could never put work into something that did not interest me or whose value I could not see. If you are the same, stop just going through the motions. Stop moving forward. Slow down, take a gap semester, or a gap year, and figure out what you love. Do this by trying anything and everything that is even remotely interesting. Try to match your personality traits to the ones required to excel in the field you pick. Then deep dive into that field. There will be things that you aren’t cut out for, and that’s okay. There will be countless other things that you are cut out for. Many swimmers put in the same amount of work that Michael Phelps does, yet he is the only one with like a thousand gold medals. Why? It is because he has the perfect body ratio to excel in his sport- a big torso and short legs. My point here is that success sometimes comes down to your genetic strengths and weaknesses.

Dream big – I know you’ve had some turbulent years leading up to now, but your hope is what will keep you going. Do not let these few years define who you are. You can still be everything you wish to be. Once you have found a path it gets much easier. Getting diagnosed is a blessing, things only get better from here on. At least you are on your path to finding your path. You may not know your last step yet but at least you’ve accomplished your first. And if you can’t really find a passion to follow, that’s understandable. In that case, make one up. Seriously – just pick any path that you want and follow it, until it works out. The truth is it always will, as long as you keep putting in the work.

Parents: you brought your child to Children First– that’s a good start. Try your best to not make your child feel inadequate. He has no idea what’s going on. It’s like trying to tell someone to play a game without telling them the rules. Be patient. But also – ask your child to constantly be growing. He must not compare himself to others, but he must compare himself to himself. This is crucial in his
development. It matters not what his peers are achieving, as long as he is a better version of himself every year, every month or every week. He is his own and only rival. Finally, don’t be reluctant or embarrassed to discuss the condition with your child or with anyone else. ADHD is not a choice or bad parenting – there nothing to be ashamed of.

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